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xxxxxNothing has ever been simple. Nothing ever will be.
xxxxxOur existences are composed of a myriad equal but opposing forces that demand choices from us. We choose to get out of bed in the morning. We choose our careers. We choose to act on our love or our hate. Only in the worst entertainment are any of these choices without consequence. Many seek out the power fantasy of having what we want without paying the price.
xxxxxGood and evil. Selfishness and unselfishness. Creation and destruction. Order and chaos. They permeate every moment of our lives, complicating things we wished weren’t complicated. But in the end, purity is a delusion as much as impotence. We can’t escape the truth that we are elaborate creatures. All of us are and it has ever been so. Gandhi was a racist even while renowned as a deep non-violent spiritual leader; Hitler loved dogs and children while renown for his atrocious concentration camps.
xxxxxExploring the dimensions of our own existences is the greatest story. It’s the only story. We must weigh the different parts of ourselves. We must define the scope of our actions. We must predict the most likely outcome. We must endure the results. It’s a heavy burden, but it is also a glorious one.
xxxxxArchimedes once said “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.” This world can be moved. It can be exalted. It can be overthrown. Our stories, from their beginning to their end, are the Beam. The consequences of our decisions are the weights we must position upon it.
xxxxxThis is the Fulcrum.
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Changeling Mage and Sorcerer Mortal Shifter Races Vampire and Ghouls Wraith
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