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Sometimes playing on a new mush can be frustrating, especially with new codes making it hard to just jump right in! So here are a few codes to make life a little easier on those first few days of roleplaying on Fulcrum.


Channel Communications
Multiple channels are used to communicate. Two of the first channels for your use are +newbie and +public, which will allow you to publically speak OOC to the players and staff. +public <your message> and +newbie <your message>. +pub and +new <your message> also works!
+help channels

To contact one or multiple players (or staff), with information, use +mail <recipient>=<title of mail>, THEN - <your message>. Yes, you must use the - in order to write into the +mail you began. To send: --
+help +mail

Pages are private messages between a player or a group of players. They are OOC in nature. to page someone it is: page name=message, or p name=message.
help page


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Use of +help will give an index of files covering a wide range of information, both OOC and IC.
+help and help

+today provides everything about the current day within the city, for example:

It is 06:16 on Tuesday the 25. day of November 2014. It is night.
Sunrise: 8:28 xxxxxSunset: 17:31
Moonrise: 01:25 xxxxxMoonset: 10:34
It is week 4 of the month and the last quarter moon is up.
The tide is high and slack.
Temperature range: 15 - 19 Cxxxxx59 - 66.2F
Cold rain falls from a grey-black sky without moon or stars. A raw wind blows from the east.
History: rain overcast overcast rain fog fog fair
+help +time

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+vote gives a vote and is an "I appreciate RPing with you". Similar to giving farewells before leaving a party. It is a portion of your xp earning, along with time on grid and reccs. You can do this by +vote (name) or +vote/here to do the whole room.
+help +vote

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+map allows one to find their way around the city of Pokoh's Peak and outlying areas. +map, +map/core, and +map/oc offer various views to traverse within.
+help +map

To instantly travel to a location on the grid, one uses @tel #number. Though it is recommended not to always take shortcuts and learn the grid!
help @tel

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