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City Hall and Courthouse @tel #1201
United Hospital @tel #1155
Saint Paul Police Department @tel #1178
Fire Department @tel #1201


<DynamicPageList> category = Fire order = ascending </DynamicPageList>

NPC xxxxx Fire Marshal for Minneapolis
NPCxxxxx Fireman

Medical Professionals

<DynamicPageList> category = Medical order = ascending </DynamicPageList>

NPC: County Medical Examiner
NPC: Assistant ME
NPC - General Practitioner

Law Enforcement

<DynamicPageList> category = Police order = ascending </DynamicPageList>

NPC: Minneapolis Chief of Police

NPC: Sheriff of County
NPC: County Sherriff's Department Detective

NPC: Minnesota State Police


<DynamicPageList> category = Lawyer order = ascending </DynamicPageList>

Search and Rescue

<DynamicPageList> category = SAR order = ascending </DynamicPageList>

NPCxxxxx Search and Rescue