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Player-run plots are possible on Fulcrum with the following necessary steps.

1. A single player must announce themselves as the presiding storyteller. This is to keep the PRP focused and to allow staff to make inquiries.

2. The presiding storyteller must include in the request for a PRP a summary that describes the set-up, the expected participants, the expected action, and a time frame for completion. Above all, the request must have a clear end point. These will not be hard and fast guidelines, but they should be as firm as the presiding storyteller can make them. Not only will it be used for approval, but it will also assist if a situation occurs and a staffer must pick up the plot.

3. The request must be sent to every sphere leader who has a PC or NPC involved in their sphere, even if tangential. A copy of it must be sent to the God for bookkeeping.

4. Some PRPs will be denied. While sometimes the denial will have an explanation, there are other times when it cannot have one, simply because something about the PRP interferes with the sphere lead’s plans for the sphere.

5. PRPs should focus on character development in terms of psychology and relationships. PRPs that introduce new backgrounds (magic items, new NPCs, new places of power) to the grid will tend to be denied.

6. The use of PRPs to avoid PCs involving themselves in sphere-oriented plots is strongly discouraged. With limited numbers of players in the environment, the mush must expect a certain level of involvement.