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For the time being, there are only a few simple rules about code done by players.

  • No excessive use of ANSI colors. This includes personal descs, room descs and titles on channels. Everything that is essentially a "look at me, i am great" is frowned upon.
  • Limited logging code allowed, including coded automatic cameras, logging the use of exits, passing of rooms, etc. Jnotes should be on the rooms for the purposes of staff and adjudicating Security rolls and scenes.
  • No routines allowed that demask obfuscated, umbral, wraithly or otherwise hidden players in your vicinity while IC.
  • All self-written code should be clean and concise. Any code found that breaks the rules of the game will be dealt with on a case by base basis.

Code locks or other access regulating mechanisms on exits do not require approval, neither do simple command aliases (e.g. +tel_bar instead of @tel xy); however locks for certain sub-groups (for example: vamps, mages, wraiths) are NOT allowed without staff approval.

Please contact code staff for further assistance.