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Requesting an XP spend

All requests to spend XP to increase traits should be submitted using the following method:

xxxxxxxxxx+xpspend Spend Value=Reason

Spends should state the trait and level you're requesting; the value the level you are buying, and the reason should explain how you are learning the trait. Only one Trait spend per +xpspend. For example:

xxxxxxxxxx+xpspend Search 3=Johnny has been searching for clues in the last 3 scenes in an attempt to solve the crime when...(etc..)

XP Accrual

On Fulcrum, every Sunday all approved characters that have connected in the previous week who have less than 100 xp will receive a 2 XP 'drip'. In addition to this, you can vote your fellow players, each +vote is initially worth .1 XP: the value slowly reduces, based on the number of votes they have already received that week.

XP Costs For All

Almost all traits require XP to raise, typically dependent on your current rating (CR) of that trait. XP costs are not negotiable.

There is no minimal wait time for XP spends to be approved or processed. Sphere Wizards can decide the wait time based on any number of factors they feel are relevant.

Attribute CR x 4
New Ability 3
Ability CR x 2
Willpower CR x 1

The number of traits you may raise at one time is limited to 4. Of those spends, only one may be a sphere-specific trait.

Merits and Flaws

A player wishing to purchase a merit or buy off a flaw must discuss it with with their sphere lead. A sphere lead may add or remove a merit or flaw in reaction to IC actions without an associated XP cost or a sphere lead may require an XP spend to do so. In that case, a merit costs twice its value in XP to add it to a sheet, and a flaw requires twice its value in XP to remove it from a sheet.


A player wishing to increase their backgrounds must discuss it with their sphere lead. A sphere lead may increase or decrease a player's backgrounds in reaction to IC actions without an associated XP cost or a sphere lead may require an XP spend to do so. In that case, a background costs 3 xp per new rank, regardless of the current rating of the background.

Changeling Specific XP Costs

New Art 7
Art CR x 4
New Realm 5
Realm CR x 3
Glamour CR x 3

Mage Specific XP Costs

New Sphere 10
Affinity Sphere CR x 7
Other Sphere CR x 8
Arete CR x 8 - Mage Wizard discretion only

Raising your Arete is strictly at the decision of the Mage Wizard. Please do not submit for Seekings or XP Spends regarding your Arete. Part of Mage is your Avatar pushing you out of your comfort zone, sometimes with your characters awareness and sometimes not. Here on Fulcrum, if it is time for you to raise your Arete, the Mage Wizard will let you know.

Sorcerer Specific XP Costs

New Path 10 x[
Path CR x 5
Rituals R x 1
Counter Spells and Unweaving 3 xp
Hellfire Special Effects successes +1

Shifter Specific XP Costs

Gift in TBA Level of Gift x 3
Gift out of TBA Level of Gift x 5
Rage CR
Gnosis CR x 2
Totem Background 2 per Level purchased. Can be purchased at any time.

Some gift spends will require scenes, some will not. Rage and Gnosis spends are solely at the discretion of the Shifter Wizard, as they are a reflection of the character you play. Rage and Gnosis can only be lost through very specific circumstances and are considered incredibly rare, but not impossible. Purchasing Willpower should be considered difficult post character generation, but not impossible. If you are wanting to purchase Willpower, contact the Shifter Wizard. Renown can not be bought with XP. If you are part of a pack/group/pride you can not have a personal totem and a Group totem. If you are part of a group, you must have a minimum of 3 PCs to have your group qualify for a totem, if the group drops below 3, you will lose your totem.

Rites can not be purchased. They must be learned from someone else who has them, PC or NPC. The rules from the Werewolf 20th book on page 203 will be followed for the rolls.

Vampire Specific XP Costs

New Discipline 10
New Path (Necromancy or Thaumaturgy) 7
Clan Discipline CR x 5
Caitiff Discipline CR x 6
Other Discipline CR x 7
Secondary Path (Necromancy or Thaumaturgy) CR x 4
Virtue CR x 2
Humanity or Path of Enlightenment CR x 2

Wraith Specific XP Costs

New Arcanos 7
New Arcanos with Guild Instruction 5
Arcanos CR x 3
Arcanos with Guild Instruction CR x 2
New Fetter R x 3
New Passion 3
Passions CR x 3

Shadow Specific XP Costs

Angst CR
New Dark Passion 2
Dark Passions CR x 2
Thorns Original Thorn's Cost

A Shadow receives experience points at a set rate — one point for every three points gained by the Psyche, rounded up. At the Storyteller’s discretion, a single extra experience point may be awarded to the Shadow in recognition of truly excellent Shadowplay.