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General info here.


General info here.

RP Hooks
  • Are you part of the Twin Cities' Korean Community?
  • Are you into the music scene? Maybe you've seen her social media?
  • Are you into Korean Street fashion? Or K-pop fashion?
  • Are you into or part of the chaebol community? Maybe you know her Korean name?
  • Lilith - Goth girl and friend.
  • DeJuan - Lilith's dad and renowned chef.
  • Rachel - Yet another goth girl friend. Little odd but very sweet.
  • Mahendra - Club owner of Lakshimi. What's not to like about someone giving me a stage?
  • Phoebe - They keep calling her Flower. One of these days I'll figure out why.

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JeA4.png JeA 1.webp
JeA Despacito.jpg
Name: Aria
Nationality: South Korean & Greek
Occupation: Singer
Demeanor: Artist
Height: 5'3" (If you're generous)
Weight: A lady never tells and neither do I
Eye Color: Aquamarine Blue
Hair Color: Variations of Brown
Apparent Age: Late Teens