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Biographical Data
Name: Prohaska 'Luna' Moon, Khan of the Smoke Jaguars, Last Daughter Of Huntress, Prime seeker of the 4th Order, Lady in waiting to the Duchess of Goldenrod
Occupation: Couch Surfer
Nationality: Half Indian - Half American

Quote: “Power rides her fingers, she moves from datashell to datashell, walking the nets like the ghost of a shadow, her trail vanishing behind her as she goes. She carries power in the dark behind her eyes.”

― Melissa Scott, Trouble and Her Friends

Themesong: Warriors ( )

Jordan can be seen around town, usually out at a club or restaurant, she likes to wear revealing dresses and dance. She has at least a little money as she never seems to have trouble paying, at least when she has to pay.

RP Hooks
  • Party Girl
  • Gives Very Odd Answers to Questions
  • Cyber-Punk Style
  • Striking Eyes and Sex Appeal

The Friends

  • Lilith - Girlfriend - If there's one reason to stay in this city, she is it.
  • Rachel - So Adorable, Don't take my help as a hit to pride
  • Dean Olsen - You may not always believe me, but you need to learn to Trust me
  • Travis - Another one who doesn't really trust me, but hey, what can you do
  • Matthew - Good buddy
  • Brenyn - Honest

The Acquaintances

Jordanbike.jpg       Jordanfitness.jpg       Eyes.jpg       Jcat3.jpg      Jordandress.jpg       Jordanboots.jpg