Tiva Little Owl

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Tiva Little Owl

"It appears that the vitals of this lucky son-of-gun remain unpunched. Sloppy shootin on my part... The coup de grace I'll leave to the wolves and gila monsters. Adios amigo! "
~ The Ballad of Buster Skruggs

Biographical Data

Name: Tiva Little Owl
Tribe: Shoshone
Nationality: Native-American
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
App Age: Early-twenties
Height/Build: 5'5" / Athletic
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Quote: Another young fella with something to prove. I've got to set myself up in the Undertakin' business. I'm doing all the skill work so another man can profit.. ~ Buster Skruggs
Themesong: Evil Ways -Blues Saraceno- [1]
Played By: N/A

She's loud. She's flashy. Not in any good kinda way neither. Who is that Indian gal drivin' an old beat pickup with the horse trailer? Must be a long way from home. Seems to be traveling with some other lowlife fellers.

You are what you eat, so they say. Your about to eat shit feller! What could that mean?.
~ Tiva Little Owl
  • Bounty Hunter - She's been draggin' fellers to the law all over these United States and Canada too. Need someone found? Need someone brought in? Need someone to stay gone? Might be a solution.
  • Friends in Low Places - She associates with all types, especially the unsavory kind.
  • Rodeo Gal She says she used to be part of that circle more serious when she was younger. Not sure if jumpin' hurdles or hanging on sideways counts much now, but the hog tying, maybe.


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