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“Tis Lilith.
Adam's first wife is she.
Beware the lure within her lovely tresses,
The splendid sole adornment of her hair;
When she succeeds therewith a youth to snare,
Not soon again she frees him from her jesses”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in his 1808 play Faust: The First Part of the Tragedy

“ Perry wrapped the now-helpless victim with one long silk cord, winding it around and around him until escape would be impossible no matter how he struggled. He smelled delicious, a worthy gift for Ornata.

- Reign of Spiders, by "Eve White"

Heart of Lilith by Inkubus Sukkubus:

xxxxx Lilith has lived in or near St. Paul virtually her entire life. She went to Catholic schools for elementary and high schools and is known to some horror genre afficianados as an author. She is currently a part time student at the University of Minnesota.

RP Hooks
  • Writing: You might know Lilith through her writing. Under the pen name Eve White she has several Young Adult horror stories published, including the popular novel "Reign of Spiders". Under the name Lilith Black she has several adult horror stories in specialized genre magazines. A website is given for her and you can write email to her. She has a writing circle and it is possible to join.
  • School: Lilith is taking part time classes at the University of Minnesota, currently Modern Dance, Creative Writing, and Chemistry. You could easily run into her on campus.
  • Gaming: Lilith is into tabletop roleplaying games and you can meet her in that community; for example you could meet at a shop, a convention, through friends, at the University gaming club, at a LARP, etc. Her friend Angela Murphy keeps a blog about their group's gaming adventures that you could read.
  • Medievalism: Lilith is in the Society for Creative Anachronism and active at Renaissance Faires.
  • Around Town: Lilith lives in Como Park and often visits the Zoo and the Cemetery there. She also frequents coffee shops and Club Lakshmi and other clubs that allow under-21s to visit.
  • Other: Page Lilith or @mail and I'm sure we could find some excuse to RP. Police, social workers, or psychiatrists might know her from times past, for example, or people in the foster system, or whatever we come up with. A random meeting is always possible.

Friends, Acquaintances, and Enemies

JeA Despacito.jpg Aria – A new friend. She is an amazing singer.
Autumn1.png Autumn – A beautiful acquaintance. Mrs. Frenemy
Halfbreed.jpeg Brenyn McCrae – Our new friend down by the river
David 1.png David - My charming new friend David.
Dolph-lundgren large.jpg Dean Olsen - He is showing me some moves
Tony-e1587060851443.jpg DeJuan - The famous celebrity chef. We are often seen together
Eloise1.jpeg Eloise - My redheaded friend
Jordancat.jpgJordan - Very cool woman and my girlfriend!
1514826571.png Josh Malloy - My foster brother (Deceased)
Julio.jpg Julio - Currently my Frenemy
Katiya4.jpg Katiya - A friend I can lean on
Krissy2jpg.jpeg Krissandra - The girl with appeal
Lunacat.jpg Luna - My beloved Burmese cat
Lydia1.jpg Lydia Grey - An elegant older woman who has taken Lilith under wing
Manny1.jpg Mahendra My favorite club owner
Raven 3.jpg Rachel - My street urchin friend
Victor1.jpg Victor Edgestow - My friend

Lilith Black


Played By: Lily Collins

Apparent Age: 19
Height/Build: 5' 5" / Slender
Hair: Very Long Glossy Black Hair
Eyes: Vivid Green Eyes

Occupation: Writer and PA