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Katiya Rasputina

Katiya is Russian and the lead singer of the band Angel's Cradle, her music focused on the angst and pain of her past of abuse. With a quick rise to fame she's been living in Minneapolis in the last few years and is a known fixture in society events everywhere.

RP Hooks
  • Past of Abuse - Katiya isn't shy about depicting her past in her songs. The abuse suffered while in Russia under a religious cult. Have you suffered from something similar? Do you need a shoulder to cry on?
  • Artists - Do you play the drums? Maybe the guitar? Katiya is always looking for talent for her band. Do you have what it takes to join a rock band?
  • Clubs - Katiya's musical range is immense. Do you need someone to sing at your club from time to time? Maybe some smooth jazz? Or goth? Whatever is needed Katiya is your gal.
  • High Society - Her rise to fame (Fame 3) has opened many doors to Katiya to the point that she's becoming known to who's who in the high society of the Twin Cities. Are you one of those people?
  • Groupies - Love her or hate her what's true is that there aren't many that stay indifferent to her music. Looking for an autograph? Have an interesting story to share? Katiya is open to be approached by most people, as long as they don't turn out to be oafs or boring.
Katiya2.jpeg Katiya3.jpeg Katiya5.png Katiya6.jpg Katiya4.jpg
Name Katiya Rasputina
Occupation Singer/Rock Star
Nationality Russian-American
Nature Smiles and Rainbows
Demeanor Courtier
Height 5'7"
Weight Wouldn't you like to know?
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Midnight Black
Apparent Age Late 20s
Theme Song In the Night - The Weeknd [1]
Played By Daria Zaritskaya