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Phoebe Brown
If you're always trying to be normal, you'll never know how amazing you can be.
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Have you taken one of her yoga classes?  You feel so GOOD afterwards. It's like Soul-Cycle but with yoga!

Her cranio-facial massage was recommended by my doctor for migraines. Fantastic!
From her website: "Flower Brown is a registered alternative health therapist, operating in the North Minneapolis area. Call for an appointment!" Seemore2.png
  • Mahendra Manny is a good time waiting to happen.
  • Chai Best gal pal and a tough lady!
  • Aria New friend, amazing voice, generous spirit.
  • Rachel Fun getting to know her. We'll have fun at Comi-Con!
  • Edith Oh my. Oh. My. Someone with way worse problems than me.

Character Notes
  • Phoebe frequents clubs in Minneapolis, especially Club Lakshmi
  • Phoebe does neck massages at the homeless shelter, for the staff and the clients.
  • She's known to show up at city council meetings.
  • She's a volunteer for the NAACP, tutoring mostly, and getting out the vote.

Played by: Tawny Newsome
Theme Songs: Joni Mitchell: Twisted
Sarah McLachlen: Building a Mystery.

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