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Lucas Frost

"I can only wait for the final amnesia, the one that can erase an entire life." - Luis Bunuel

Biographical Data
Name: Lucas Frost
Age: 40ish?
Occupation: Wilderness Guide/ Poly Extreme Athlete
Nationality: Wander, but originally U.S.?
Nature: Defender
Demeanor: Thrill Seeker

Quote: Character's Favorite Saying
Themesong: Character's Themesong

Who?... Oh, I think he's new to town... Um... Who were we talking about?

RP Hooks
  • Wilderness Guide / Survival Expert
  • Poly Extreme Athlete
  • RP hook 3
  • RP hook 4
  • IC Pal 1
  • IC Pal 2
  • IC Pal 3
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