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Chai Lao

"Able to weave, don't waste thread. Able to speak, don't waste words." - Hmong Proverb

Biographical Data
Name: Chai Lao
Birthdate: We get those?
Occupation: Snakehead
Nationality: Hmong/American
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 134 lbs
Nature: Penitent
Demeanor: Soldier

Played By: Jessica Henwick
Themesong: "Enemy" and "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons [1]

Chai has been in the city for a few years now. Even if she's discreet enough she's a rising influence in the Hmong community. She owns an auto shop and it's known in the streets she's someone people can go to when they need something.

RP Hooks
  • Underworld Connections - To those in the know Chai has connections in the underworld and has her hands in a few pies. Who knows, maybe you have similar interests to her?
  • Hmong - Chai is Hmong and she isn't shy in showing it. Are you Hmong or connected to them?
  • Chop Shop - Need a car tuned up? Fake plates maybe? Dragon's Tail Motors is what you need then!

In the works.

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