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Biographical Data
Name: Haseya Denton
Birthdate: June 3, 1864
Ghouling Date: December 17, 1884
Embrace Date: January 27, 1904
Occupation: Psychologist
Nationality: American Shoshone
Nature: Sadist
Demeanor: Critic

Quote: Character's Favorite Saying
Themesong: Down With The Sickness

Haseya Denton was born of the Shoshone and eventually made her way to the twin cities several decades ago. She has since graduated from the university of Minneapolis with her PHD in Psychology with a specialization in phobias. Her practice mainly is open after dusk. After all, when is a better time to face your fears than when the sun is down and there is no light of hope?

RP Hooks
  • Are you a psychologist or have need of one? Haseya specializes in fears, and is more than willing to help you face your deepest, darkest fears.
  • RP hook 2
  • RP hook 3
  • RP hook 4
  • Cora - A good friend from the old tribal days.
  • Tiva "Little Owl" - One of these days I will hide that horse from you.
  • Rufus Adhemar - Sire, you created this insanity for me and I'm going to repay you for that.
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