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Changelings in the Twin Cities
With some exceptions, the fae of the Kingdom of Grass hold conservative values and consider themselves a solid, sensible, and dependable people. The Duchy of Goldenrod is no exception. Aging Duchess Colleen Fallon ni Dougal rules from her seat of power in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The System is Working

The Feudal Monarchy in The Kingdom of Grass is well established. Commoners largely understand and accept their place. The Sidhe strive to emulate Colleen's vision by ruling responsably and taking value in their people's happiness. The Duchess is a benevolent leader who shows unrelenting determination when it comes to protecting her people and the dream. The Duchy is not in turmoil and the widespread reverence for Colleen's rule typically creates a cold reception to revolutionaries. Medieval values are well entrenched.

Cold Remembrance

The Unseelie of Goldenrod remember a time when Minnesota was part of the Kingdom of Northern Ice. Queen Laurel's imminent wedding to Duke Roccoco of the Shadow Court has stirred up a lot of dreams in the darker fae. Will the Duke made King reclaim Goldenrod from Duchess Fallon? Grumblings and musings come from grumps like Daniel McCrae who predict the fall of House Dougal and a new duchy rising in vassalage to the North.

Sidhe: (5) OPEN
Boggan: (2) OPEN
Eshu: (0) OPEN
Pooka: (2) OPEN
Nockers: (0) OPEN
Sluagh: (1) OPEN
Satyr: (1) OPEN
Troll: (2) OPEN
Redcaps: (0) OPEN
Kinain: (0) CLOSED
Approved Books
Changeling the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition

C20 Players Guide

C20 Book of Freeholds

Wizard: Loki

I have been playing WoD for 26 years. Im a cop and a horror novelist. Ive been staff on other mushes in years past and ran my own Dark Ages Vampire Mush for several years. In its previous incarnation as Sheltering Skies, the staff of this mush have impressed me above any other game with the depth of plot and staff involvement in creating a detailed chronicle with villains who are not straw men. I am pleased to join them and will try to deliver the same quality I have been enjoying as a player the last 7 years.

Additional Coding & Tips
  • As mentioned above, the Fae of the Kingdom of Grass are a conservative people. The Right of Ignorance is taken very seriously by the regime of Morgance Ni Dougal. Woe be to the fae who teaches Changeling Lore or Gremayre to other supernaturals, or brings outsiders to the balefires or the glade. All the worst punishments will be on the table to include some which may render your pc not worth playing. Don't get caught doing this or better yet, don't do it.
Staff Philosophy
Many will tell you Changeling is a whimsical and frivolous game. Wrong. Its a story about the sorrows of aging, the decay of childlike wonder in the face of awful truths, and the forces of agony and despair that threaten to swallow our world, an often tragic horror. But, there are lights.

You should expect a chronicle of dark fantasy and a staffer who revels in the stereotypes and biases of a feudal society. I don't restrict roleplay, but you should expect that actions have consequences. I will make every attempt to warn pcs when those consequences could be fatal. However, that doesn't mean I'm telling you not to do any particular action, only that you make a conscious ooc decision to risk all. I hope we will create a rich and dramatic chronicle with heroes we love and antagonists we love to hate.

From years ago, to now ...
1838 First European Fae to inhabit what is now Minneapolis. Redcap Niall McCrae along with a host of Scottish immigrants, sets up a Sawmill at Saint Anthony Falls near Fort Snelling. The Barony of Three Whirlpools is founded.

1862 McCrae and his followers wrest Minnesota from the French Fae inhabiting the Kingdom of Northern Ice. Central to the war were allegations of the northern fae's decimating hunting practices and the American mistreatment of the Nunnehi.

1869 Vengeful Fae from the Kingdom of Northern Ice assault Saint Anthony Falls, nearly collapsing the Freehold and the power source of the entire city. Aideen Greyson and the 31st Troll Infantry drive back the invasion at great cost to both sides.

1969 The Sidhe return sparks the Accordance War. The fae soul of Lady Morgance ni Dougal chrysalizes in the body of renowned philanthropist and former darling of the big screen, Colleen Fallon. Her assertion to rule is not well received by the commoners, particularly of the McCrae Corby.

1973 The Great Lakes Campaign: During The Accordance War, The McCrae Corby joined the uprising in the Battle for Isle Royale. Then Patriarch, Garland McCrae is rumored to have alerted the local garou to the Sidhe's presence in their sacred places which caused a predictable massacre. Unfortunately he died in battle a few weeks later and never confirmed the tale.

1974 Lady Morgance takes the throne. The Barony of Three Whirlpools is dissolved, replaced by the Duchy of Goldenrod in Caer Viridis.

2001 After a decade of wars, the despair caused by the World Trade Center Bombing unleashes the forces of the Elder Dark into the World. Souls of the nightmarish Thallain find human hosts and the blood moon casts its pall on Concordia.

2004 The Legend of the Smiley Face Killer is born in the Twin Cities. Brenyn is imprisoned in a tree in Dayton's Bluff.

2014 Baron Friedrich flees to Germany. Morgance frees Brenyn from her prison. Gloriana claims Whispering Stones.


Lady Morgance ni Dougal, the aging Duchess of Goldenrod who rules from Caer Viridis. As a mortal she is respected in Minneapolis as Colleen Fallon, a Philanthropist and a board member of The Minneapolis Historical Society. Though her rise to power was bloody, she is respected for her fairness, benevolence, and genuine interest in the welfare of her subjects and the Dream.


Aideen Greyson Commander of the 31st Troll Infantry based in Caer Viridis. Though she once fought on the side of the commoners in the Great Lakes Campaign, Aideen pledged fealty to Lady Morgance in 1975. The Keystone of Lady Morgance's power. Cmdr. Greyson is blessed with Fae Eternity and has been a force among the fae since the Tudor Conquests of Ireland in the sixteenth century. Aideen's protection allowed Lady Morgance to weather the storm in the fledgeling years of her rule.


David Kohlmeyer Bard of the Realm. David is a local music teacher at St. Anthony Middle School. His library in the dreaming contains archives of Mortal and Fae History that stretch back into antiquity.


Daniel McCrae Descended from Niall and Garland McCrae. Daniel was a child during the Accordance War. His appointment to Reeve was a political move by Lady Morgance to address the malcontents who still feel slighted by the Sidhe takeover. it also serves to supress rumors of her supposed unfairness or lack of claim. For no matter how much this Redcap hates and resents the duchess, everyone knows she appointed him.


Barony of The Whispering Stones (Unseelie) Baron Friedrich ap Eiluned and Baroness Gloriana, Known to the real world as Doctor Fred Hawkins and his wife Marjorie. Hawkins controls the balefire below the Julian H. Sleepmore Museum in St. Paul. He is renowned for his revolutionary psychotherapy techniques that help the wealthy live their best life. Marjorie is a yoga instructor.


Barony of The Mind's Eye (Seelie) Baron Babatunde Ap Gwydion, known to Mortals as Edward Cayman. Baron Babatunde's court tends the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Admission is of course free as the fae seek to inspire and delight mortal patrons. Babatunde has become somewhat reclusive since the death of his wife Ydira.