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This questionnaire will serve as the needed background for your character. You may, if you choose, do a traditional story background in addition to the questionnaire, but it is not required. Answers may be of any length as long as they fully answer the question or provide the needed information. Please note that I only review applications through an e-mail sent to

Kithain Characters created through June of 2022 will get a 15 xp bonus.


In what sort of place do you live?

Where do you work?

Where are you from?

What other places in the world are important to you?


Explain your flaws:

Explain your merits:

What are your weaknesses?

What are your strengths?


Date of birth.

Describe your physical appearance.

List the members of your nuclear family, your relationship to them, and their location: How educated are you?

Where did your mundane education take place?

What did you specialize in?

Describe in detail the mundane goals of your character:

Explain any licenses, criminal records, etc. that may be relevant:

Explain your backgrounds:


How much money do you have?

How much does your job pay?

What major items do you own?

How much in debt are you?

What special items (Chimera & Treasures) do you possess, with descriptions?


What Court are you?

What's your Seeming?

Explain your legacies:

Explain your musing/ravaging thresholds:

What is your antithesis?

What Kith are you?

What type of dream is the theme of character? (Hunger, Passion, Nobility, Honor, Loyalty, Fear, Creation, etc.)

Explain how your character is different from a generic member of your kith and/or house:

What is your Fae mien?

What are your goals within Changeling society?

Have you ever dealt with other supernaturals, and if so, how?

Background Check:

Identification you possess (driver's license, passport, etc):

Address(es) on ID's:


Criminal Record, if any, with basic details:

Owned properties, both on and off the grid:

Source of income:

Miscellaneous important information for background checks, if any:


Please include a brief timeline of your character; include all major events, such as your chrysalis, saining, etc.


Please include a proposed stat sheet with the application. Please follow the following general layout:




...and so on.