Changeling-Specific House Rules

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- The book contradicts itself as to what happens when a fae is chimerically killed im the dreaming. In regard to the Near Dreaming and in most other cases, we will be using the passage on p.291.

"Chimerical death occurs when the changeling suffers more lethal or aggravated chimerical damage then she has chimeri- cal health levels. The changeling passes out immediately, and when she awakens she suffers from the Mists, all memories of her fae life inaccessible. At best she remembers them as a dream, or perhaps a nightmare. Her Fae nature can be restored after a certain amount of time, depending on her Banality rating (see the Mists chart on p. 269), with an infusion of Glamour. Those who suffer a chimerical death while in the Dreaming are expelled from it, waking up in the Autumn world with no memory of how they got there. The guttering flames of Glamour that accompany chimerical death draws in Banality like a beacon. A character who suffers chimerical death accrues half her Banality rating (rounded up) in points of Banality."

Mortals and other supernaturals who die in the dreaming will be deposited at the nearest end point to a Path of Baalor. Outsiders are not meant to travel the dreaming. They wont be getting out. In regard to the far dreaming and the deep dreaming the answer is, it could sometimes be different based on a specific realm but will generally follow the above passage.


- To harvest dross from a dead chimera, the character draws on her own Glamour to call the Glamour in the corpse out. The player rolls Glamour, difficulty 7. Successes indicate the amount of dross harvested, and rolls may be made once per turn. Multiple characters may harvest a chimera at the same time. A chimerical corpse may be harvested for dross equal to 3x its Permanent Glamour Rating.

-Dross will not be created by anyone. To Press Dross one must possess a Gremayre rating of 3 and some level of crafts. A successful gremayre roll lowers the difficulty by one. A failure expends the glamour for no gain. A botch prevents the crafter from crafting dross for a day per severity of the botch.

-The Dross Background from previous editions will be used again.

KENNING vs OBFUSCATE - Kenning can be used to detect veiled eyes so what about obfuscated vampires? When a fae tries to use kenning to notice a Kindred hidden with Obfuscate, she detects the subject’s presence if her kenning rating is higher than his Obfuscate, and she succeeds at a Perception + Kenning roll (difficulty equals 8 minus the number of dots by which her Kenning exceeds his Obfuscate).

If the target’s Obfuscate outranks her kenning, he remains undiscovered. If the two ratings are equal, both characters make a resisted roll of Perception + Kenning vs 8 (fae) against Manipulation + Subterfuge vs 7, (Vampire). The character with the most successes wins.


-Only works inside an individuals dreams, not in The Dreaming.


Since I adore Chivalry, Title 1 and 2 are modified such that not everyone is a knight or a squire. Title 1 and 2 therefore have options.

-The Knighthood Route: As C20 lists, you go from squire to knight. I will expect to know who the knight who trained you is in your background. You will be expected to be martially trained to at least 2 dots in athletics and melee. You will be expected to at least pay lip service to chivalry. In Dungeons and Dragons terminology, I expect lawful good or lawful evil or a ruse of same.

-The Political Route: Your title will here be Young Lord to Lord, or Lady in Waiting to Lady. On the political route you are not necessarily concerned about morality. If you have combat training its not from a knight. Someone is grooming you to wield political power at Title 1. At 2 you likely have some.

-Either of these routes leads to Baron/Baroness at Title 3.


Fae characters, retinue and retainers, will not start play with more than 7 pts of merits.

The Language Merit is the only exception which doesnt count towards that cap.


In Fulcrum we will not be using Banality as a detection method for other supernaturals. In other games where a hard number is ascribed to certain races this leaves too much room for abuse. Additionally, there is wide variation in personality, mental illness, and certain merits and flaws across races.


1. Childling

2. Marauders

3. Wilder

4. Grump

5. Gaian Shifter, Tradition Mage

6. Mortal

7. Vampire with Conscience

8. Vampire with Conviction, Wraith, Wyrm Shifter, Nephandi

9. Technocrats, Weaver Shifter

10. Earthbound


+0.5___Addict, Autocrat, Bravo, Capitalist, Conformist, Coward, Curmudgeon, Judge, Martyr, Masochist, Melancholic, Penitent, Sadist, Soldier, Traditionalist.

-0.5___Architect, Artiste, Eye of the Storm, Explorer, Futurist, Idealist, Visionary.


+0.5___Bumpkin, Regent, Beast, Ringleader.

-0.5___Crafter, Panderer, Troubadour, Pandora.


+O.5___Addiction, *Deranged, Vengeful, Weak-Willed, Guilt Wracked, Intolerance, Possessive, Oathbound, Psychic Vampire.

-0.5___Higher Purpose, Master Craftsman, Because I Think I Can, Curiosity, *Deranged, Wyld Mind, Soul of the Muse, True Love, Poetic Heart, Art Affinity, Slipped Seeming, Chimerical Magnet.

You will notice that deranged appears to both increase and decrease banality. The sociopathic killer is more banal where the delusional Don Quixote is less banal.

This is not an exhaustive list. Contact Loki if you have some quality not mentioned that affects your banality. Variance will not exceed +/- 1 for supernaturals so min/maxing is not a feasible option. Mortals are the only exception and can vary widely.


In many games possessing a banality over 8 drives all the fae from the room. In tabletop where everyone is fae, this is fine. In a multi sphere mush this restricts roleplay and encourages everyone to stay in their corners. I want you to get out there and play.

8. Something about that guy makes me uncomfortable. Touching him makes my skin crawl. Prolonged Contact gives me a headache.

9. Disgusting. Being in his presence makes me cold. Prolonged contact makes me nauseous. Physical contact makes me vomit.

10. Terrifying. Being in his presence makes me nauseous and freezing. Prolonged contact will make me violently ill. His touch does chimerical damage. Run.

  • Being in another's presence is engaging them in conversation or walking within a few feet. You dont suffer banality because Bob the Accountant is sitting across the bar.
  • Prolonged Contact comes from directly interacting with an individual for an hour or so.
  • Touch does not need to be skin on skin contact.


Kinain can be the subject of Oaths.

Kinain may not start with Treasures above 3 dots. The book explicitly states that its foolish to entrust them with such things and while there may be exceptions to this rule, pcs will not be permitted to generate retainers or retinue with Treasures above 3 for kinain. I will categorically not approve any treasures for Permanently Enchanted.