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  • Selkies: Because even if you make some freshwater seal concept (yes they exist) The nearest coast is an hour from town. What kind of Selkie lives so far away from the coast, a suicidal one.
  • Thallain/Dauntain: As a staffer that doesnt restrict player actions, I find it irresponsible to let players make these sort of characters outside an all shadow chronicle. You should never meet or be a pc that everyone in your sphere should kill for existing. You can make enemies for what you do not who you are. There are plenty of antagonistic options without going full on. Never allowing these.
  • No characters under the age of 18.
  • No Jailbait concepts. If your character is 18 years old with youthful appearance flaw and other I look like a thirteen year old set ups, this is not the fantasy my game provides.