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Mortals in the Twin Cities
Sun shining down on ribbons of asphalt. Commutes. Traffic jams morning and afternoon.
Blizzards and power loss. Fireplaces burning brightly. Frozen body in a car.
Flowers in the park sending their aroma into the air. Trash on the sidewalks. Suicide under the bridge.
Busy malls full of people. Holiday cheer. Armed robbery in the parking lot.
Grocery shopping in the afternoon. Dinner time with family. Body found in dumpster.
Life in the Twin Cities.


Percent of
Willpower 1 10% RESTRICTED
Willpower 2 20% OPEN
Willpower 3 18% OPEN
Willpower 4 15% OPEN
Willpower 5 13% OPEN
Willpower 6 10% RESTRICTED
Willpower 7 7% RESTRICTED
Willpower 8 5% CLOSED
Willpower 9 1.5% CLOSED
Willpower 10 0.5% CLOSED


Educator: OPEN
Government Job: OPEN
Homeless: OPEN
Law Enforcement: OPEN
Media: OPEN
Occultist: OPEN
Street Worker: OPEN
Approved Books
The books used for Fulcrum are 20th Anniversary Edition Core Books for Changeling, Mage, Vampire and Wraith. Please note powers in these books, some backgrounds and some merits and flaws are not applicable for Mortal characters.

House rules and MU-wide policies supersede the books.


Wizard: Bifrost

Bifrost has staffed World of Darkness MUs since 2007, including Mortal, Mortal+, Changeling and Vampire.

Staff Philosophy
This is a game.

All of us are here to have fun. Does that mean your character will always be nice to other characters or other characters will be nice to yours? Nope. Does that mean your character will always be successful? Nope. This is World of Darkness and you, my friend, have made a mortal. While you may be frustrated or annoyed if plans are thwarted by another character, remember that a person sits behind a computer monitor as do you. This extends to characters run by staff. These NPCs will not always be your friends and will not always be your enemies. As your character, they have goals and moral standards upon which they make decisions and react in scene. Whether the character is player run or staff run, remember: revenge is sweet IC, but remain pleasant OOC.

After all, this is only a game.
Additional Coding & Tips
Events - If your character would host events and you wish to allow staff to drop in with NPCs or plot, please put in a request stating such. Staff do not want to ride roughshod over OOC/IC planning and work you put into organizing an event if you prefer to not have that type of involvement. This does not mean staff will be available, but we can certainly try!

Loss or Death - It happens. We mortals are squishy things and sometimes Bad Things Happen. There may be times when your character will lose items or backgrounds or life. It’s not the end of all, but a small part of a large idea. Carry on!

Sphere Changes - Sphere changes (ie: mortal to vampire; mortal to sorcerer; mortal to wraith; etc) require approval of all sphere wizards involved. If you are considering a change of sphere, contact staff prior to beginning any IC process.

Supernatural Knowledge - World of Darkness Fulcrum is about the shadowy hidden things that work for good or evil, unknown to the masses of mortal. Knowledge is touted in society as Power. Knowledge of the supernatural creates a sense of power, which some supernaturals will find threatening. Note: While supernaturals are aware of the other supers, mortals normally get their information from movies and novels, and are not believers. Hence, mortals will require stats to reflect supernatural true-belief upon approval.

From years ago, to now ...

1600 Dakota peoples live near the site of burial Mounds constructed by the Hopewell culture approximately 2000 years ago.

1805 Unratified treaty by Lieutenant Zebulon Pike for possession of land in the region.

1825 Fort Snelling military fortification completed on the land possessed by Pike.

1838 French fur trader Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant set up a tavern named the Pig’s Eye. The community that sprung up around the tavern had become important as a trading center and a destination for settlers heading west. Locals called the area Pig’s Eye or Pig’s Eye Landing after Parrant’s popular tavern.

1841 Father Lucien Galtier was sent to minister to the Catholic French Canadians and established a chapel on the bluffs above Pig's Eye Landing named for his favorite saint, Paul the Apostle. The settlement's name was changed to Saint Paul in honor of the chapel.

1849 St. Paul: Capital of Minnesota Territory. Squatters occupied military-reservation land on the west side of river (Minneapolis side) near St. Anthony Falls. James Madison Goodhue begins publishing Minnesota's first newspaper, the Minnesota Pioneer.

1850 Squatters given land and Minneapolis founded.

1851 Minneapolis: University of Minnesota founded.

1858 St. Paul: State Capitol when Minnesota admitted to Union.
St. Paul: Henry Sibley instated as first governor of Minnesota.

1862 Dakota War - Conflict broke out between the United States and several bands of Dakota peoples. By the end of the war, 358 settlers, 77 soldiers, 29 volunteers and an unknown number of Dakota were killed, including 303 Dakota sentenced to death.
St. Paul: Northern Pacific Railway train departed on first trek.

1863 In May, 1863, the Dakota survivors from a prison camp at Fort Snelling were crowded aboard steamboats and taken to Crow Creek in southeastern South Dakota.

1870 Minneapolis: Flour Milling Capital of World.

1878 Minneapolis: A massive explosion in a Minneapolis flour mill kills 18.

1886 St Paul: St. Paul Union Stockyard established.

1893 The Minnesota state flag, designed by Amelia Hyde Center of Minneapolis, is accepted by the Minnesota Legislature.

1902 Minneapolis: Approximately twelve automobiles appear in Minneapolis.

1904 St. Paul: On August 20, 1904, Saint Paul and much of the Twin Cities area was struck by damaging thunderstorms and tornadoes causing over $1.78 million in damages. The A section of the 180-foot High Bridge over the Mississippi River was destroyed, killing three people were killed and injuring more than 50 in the downtown area.

1906 St. Paul: William Williams is hanged in the county jail on February 13, ending capital punishment in Minnesota.

1914 Minneapolis: World War I begins. Minneapolis becomes the home of the Federal Reserve Bank.
Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport opens on Fort Snelling Unorganized Territory.

1920 St. Paul: St. Paul native F. Scott Fitzgerald receives much acclaim for his book This Side of Paradise.

1927 Charles Lindbergh, a native of Minnesota, flies solo across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris.

1934 St. Paul: "Public Enemy Number 1" John Dillinger has a gun battle with FBI agents in St. Paul on March 11 and escapes.

1948 St. Paul: Minnesota's first television station, KSTP, goes on the air.

1950 St. Paul: Charles M. Schulz published 1st Charlie Brown strip.

1958 Minneapolis: Prince Rogers Nelson (the artist formerly known as Prince) born in Minneapolis.

1965 St. Paul: Beatlemania came to Metropolitan Stadium with over 25,000 excited fans in the stadium.

1985 St. Paul The Metropolitan Stadium was demolished and six years later construction of Mall of America began.

1987 The Minnesota Twins win the World Series.

1994 Minneapolis: Mall of America opened on the former site of Metropolitan Stadium.

1999 Jesse Ventura, original name James George Janos, a native of Minneapolis and WWE wrestler becomes governor of Minnesota.

2004 Minnesota produced 75% of country's usable iron ore.

2007 Minneapolis: On Wednesday, August 1, 2007, with rush hour bridge traffic moving slowly through the limited number of lanes, the central span of the bridge suddenly gave way, followed by the adjoining spans. A total of 111 vehicles, their occupants and 18 construction workers plummeted 115 feet into the river or its banks with 13 fatalities.

2011 Minneapolis: Omer Abdi Mohamed of Minneapolis, 26 years old, admitted helping with Somalia terror plot.


Governor of Minnesota: Saul Lewis – Member of Democratic Party. Voted into office November 2010. Previously served as United States Senator from Minnesota between 2001 to 2007.

Mayor of Minneapolis: Amber Sutton – Member of Democratic Party. Voted into office January 2013. Previously a represented Ward 13 on Minneapolis City Council from January 2006 to January 2013. Married to John Sutton.

Mayor of Saint Paul: Lokey Mathison – Member of Democratic Party. Voted into office January 2005 and reelected in 2009. Previously represented Ward 2 on Saint Paul’s City Council from 1997 to 2005.