Wraith-Specific House Rules/General

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Shadow 1-7pt Flaw: As per pg. 115 of Wr20, a Wraith can gain additional freebies by also increasing their Shadow's freebies on a point for point basis, up to a maximum of 7. Currently, this is being reflected by the Shadow flaw. If you wish to increase your freebies in chargen by making your Shadow stronger, purchase this flaw.

Language of the Dead: As per the sidebar on pg. 139 of Wr20, all Wraiths can understand any spoken or written word created in the Underworld. When spying across the Shroud into the Skinlands, a Wraith must be able to speak the language the Quick are using to understand what is being said, or is written down.

Any living being who finds themselves physically in the Underworld will be understood by any Wraith, but the living being will only understand those Wraiths using a language they speak.

Due to their undead nature, Vampires count as Wraiths when it comes to the rules for the Language of the Dead. This means Vampires and Wraiths can always understand each other when speaking.

Imbuing Artifacts: Any Artificer skilled enough to forge an Artifact and imbue it with an Arcanos must either know the Arcanos at the level desired, or use the Corpus of a Wraith who knows it at the level desired.

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