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Please fill out this questionnaire instead and use it for your background.


How old were you when you died?

Describe your death:

Describe your Reaping:

Describe your Death Marks:

What Legion would you belong to if recruited by the Hierarchy and why?

What faction does your character belong to and why?

What is your character’s view on Stygia and the Hierarchy?

What are your Fetters and why are they important to you?

What are your Passions and why are they important to you?

What regrets or unfinished business do you have that keeps you from moving on?

Are you part of a Guild? If yes which Guild?

Are you part of a Heretic cult? If yes which one?

Describe any Guild Marks you may have (Guild Marks begin manifesting for Arcanoi at level 2, regardless of whether the Wraith learns an Initiate power or Common power, and become more pronounced the higher the level):

What Artifacts and/or Relics do you possess, and how did you get them?

Explain any other Wraith specific backgrounds such as Haunt, Legacy, Memoriam, Resources etc. your character has:

Explain your Merits:

Explain your Flaws:

Create a timeline for your Wraith:


What is your Shadow’s archetype?

What are your Shadow’s Thorns?

What are your Shadow’s Dark Passions, and why are they important to them?

What motivates your Shadow to torment the Psyche the way they do?

Describe the first time your Shadow made itself known to you:

What does your Shadow's voice sound like and how does it usually speak to you? (e.g. Does it have an accent? Does it sound like you? Is it all snide comments & one liners? Is it talkative or does it pick its moments to speak? Does it constantly bring up past failures, or harp on the the present? Does your Shadow talk at all? etc.)

What does you Shadow like to do? Does it have a favorite tactic?

Even Shadows have lines they won't cross. What won't your Shadow do?

How does your Shadow usually torment your Psyche?

Describe your first Catharsis.

Give 3 examples of a confrontation/interaction between Shadow and Psyche.

Describe your Shadow.


This section is optional and is for ensuring a player in my sphere isn’t unintentionally subject to scenes, I run that would make them uncomfortable or want to fade to black. For example, if a player was attacked by a dog when a child and is triggered by dog attacks, I would never create a Destruction Harrowing for that player where they are chased and ripped apart by a pack of rabid Saint Bernards. That doesn’t mean if you anger the local Garou they can’t turn into wolves and come hunting you. ICA still equals ICC.