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Vampire Application Questionnaire

NB: Please include the questions with your responses. Also, please submit your questionnaire on a Word document, or some program that can be transferred to the word document. Submissions on non- editable material, such as PDFs, will be returned.

  1. Please list your character’s original given name

  2. Please provide your concept (this should be two to three words)

  3. Basic details
    1. Clan
    2. Nature
    3. Demeanor
    4. Date of Birth
    5. Date of Ghouling (if applicable)
    6. Date Of Embrace
    7. Name of Sire

  4. Background Check Information:
  5. Note: This section is for a quick reference for staffers in the jnotes section.
    1. ID's you possess (Driver's License, Passports, Fake IDs, Etc.) Alternate IDs must be reflected in Background: Alternate Identity, but not on a one-to-one basis)
    2. addresses list on said IDs (vague addresses “Minnesota” will not be accepted. If you wish me to pick an address for you, I will be glad to do so: just give me the description)
    3. Citizenship of each identity (if other than American) and immigration status.
    4. Criminal Record: If any, by Identity
    5. Proposed Owned properties, both On grid and Off Grid
    6. Source of Income (If you have Resources). How do you earn your resources if you don't have a job? If you have a job, what is it? Include wealth but understand this will be elaborated on after approval.
    7. Debt (financial in the real world)
    8. Miscellaneous

  6. Mortal Phase
    1. Who were your parents? (include geographical information and if they are deceased)
    2. Did you have a job or position of record? If so, when was it, and when did you leave it?
    3. What is your attitude now toward mortals?

  7. Ghoul Phase
    1. If you were a ghoul, why did your Domitor make you one, if you are actually aware of the reason?
    2. Were you involved outside the household? Did you have any friends, regardless of whether they knew what you were or not? Were any of these friends’ ghouls? Did you have contact with other Kindred?
    3. What was the relationship between you and your Domitor? How did your bond manifest? How did your Domitor treat you?
    4. What do you think of Ghouls now?

  8. Kindred Phase
    1. Why did your sire embrace you, if you are aware of the reason?
    2. How was your childe hood? How were you treated by your Sire?
    3. Were you ready to be Released?

  9. The Sire
    1. Are they still alive? If so, what is their current position?
    2. How do they feel about you? What do you feel about them?

  10. Political Status
    1. Are you of the Camarilla, Anarch or Independent?
    2. From your character’s viewpoint, how involved are you in politics? (e.g., not at all, a bare minimum, fully involved)
    3. What Boons do you owe? Please include what City these are known in.

  11. Chronology
  12. Create a Chronology of your life. Concentrate on factual information (dates, people, places, events) and be concise. How they affected you should come out in your roleplay.

  13. Goals, Merits, Flaws, Specialties, et al
    1. What are the short-term goals of your character?
    2. What are the long-term goals of your character?
    3. Please list your merits: Explain the justification for them
    4. Please list your flaws: Explain the justification for them.
    5. How many Retainers and Household do you? (The difference between Retainers and Household is in agency: Retainers will act without your instruction on what they believe you would want: Household only acts on your instructions) Who are they? What is their main purpose?.
    6. Who are your Allies? Where are they located? Why are they your allies?
    7. Who are your Contacts? Where are they located? What do you believe they would do for you?
    8. Specialties: Please List Specialties for all stats 4 or above?

  14. Wealth
    1. What buildings do you own? How are they owned? (Directly, with company, by someone else (Retainer or Household)
    2. What vehicles (ground, water, air) do you own? Who are they registered to, if at all? If they are registered, to what civil entity?
    3. What companies do you control? Where are they located? How do you control them?
    4. Where is your wealth that isn’t listed above? What instruments are they in, what are they worth, and how do you control them?

Please inform me of what you are looking for in this PC, specifically on style and type of Roleplay. While everyone will be involved in the Jihad, personal stories also have a place.