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In the event it comes up that your character should be part of a scene, but you cannot make it, here's what I require and what you need to be aware of.

  • Firstly, There's always the risk of character death. Are you sure you want to have your character die and not be there to try and stop it?
  • Next, renown. You're not getting any for proxied scenes, sorry.
  • This must be scheduled well in advance. Day of or during scene will not suffice.

But I want to

Okay. Then at minimum, 24 hours before the scene, I need a +mail. It needs to detail:

  • What scene you are authorizing me to control your character.
  • That you accept your character may Die.
  • optionally, your rough game plan.

It needs to be from your character bit. Not your friend who totally says I can kill you, honest. You can not authorize another player to control your character. You are authorizing Shifter Staff to run your character.