Shifter-Specific House Rules/Renown

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When it comes to renown, there has, for years been the wonder: if an act isn't witnessed and no one has been told, do you lose/gain renown??

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is provided on page 246 of the core werewolf book under special considerations. Please keep this in mind. I particularly like the notion that acts, even private ones, leave a mark on of honor or depending, dishonor on the individual, somehow changing how the shifter looks in the spirit world. This means, if you are being awesome in private, you need to let your Shifter Wizard know. It also means, if you are being naughty, even in private, you need to let your Shifter Wizard know. And yes, knocking boots with another Shifter (not just same race) may be considered a violation of the Litany, depending on the race that you are. So that does mean, one partner may get docked renown, where the other doesn't, depending on their own racial renown rules and storyteller interpretation.

Renown can only be earned by actions on grid. I do not think someone should, even slowly, gain rank just for signing in. Examples might be: loyal service to Tribe or, if a Sept is made, monthly Sept duties. These are passive actions and in my opinion aren't something to get awarded for on a MU - tabletop to hand out renown for sessions that take place a few weeks or a month apart, sure. On a MU it just doesn't work for me.