Shifter-Specific House Rules/Buying Gifts

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You can learn gifts by summoning spirits. Keep in mind, if the spirit is not native to the Twin Cities Umbra, it may not make it and if it does, it may be very very angry. Passing through the Third Ring is not happy making.

Learning from Others

You can learn Gifts from others, limited by your Rank. There may be a loss of Renown, depending on circumstance.

House Rules and Interpretations for Gifts

Pulse of the Prey: You need to know who they are: be it with a unique nickname or a first and last name they commonly go by. The gift will give you the target's direction to head at that moment. You may have to roll multiple times to track successfully.

Scent of the True Form: The gift will note when something is other. However, you must have at least one dot in the appropriate lore.

Sense Wyrm, Weaver, Wyld: This gift is not a 'detect evil'. Many parts of a city will come across as having some sense of the wyrm. If you are sensing an new area, you do not know what the usual concentration is. It could be normal for the garbage dump to be horrible, or the hospital to be devoid. Please keep that in mind when using the sensing gifts. S