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Moon bridge
Shifter-Specific House Rules/Moonbridge
Shifter-Specific House Rules/Backgrounds
Shifter-Specific House Rules/Gnosis
Shifter-Specific House Rules/Rage
Shifter-Specific House Rules/Willpower
Blood Points
Shifter-Specific House Rules/Blood Points
Buying Gifts


You can learn gifts by summoning spirits. Keep in mind, if the spirit is not native to the Twin Cities Umbra, it may not make it and if it does, it may be very very angry. Passing through the Third Ring is not happy making.

Learning from Others

You can learn Gifts from others, limited by your Rank. There may be a loss of Renown, depending on circumstance.

House Rules and Interpretations for Gifts

Pulse of the Prey: You need to know who they are: be it with a unique nickname or a first and last name they commonly go by. The gift will give you the target's direction to head at that moment. You may have to roll multiple times to track successfully.

Scent of the True Form: The gift will note when something is other. However, you must have at least one dot in the appropriate lore.

Sense Wyrm, Weaver, Wyld: This gift is not a 'detect evil'. Many parts of a city will come across as having some sense of the wyrm. If you are sensing an new area, you do not know what the usual concentration is. It could be normal for the garbage dump to be horrible, or the hospital to be devoid. Please keep that in mind when using the sensing gifts. S

Buying Rites
Purchasing Rites: You must have a teacher to learn new rites. You can not learn a rite that is higher than your level of the Rituals Knowledge. Mentors are acceptable to learn Rites from, but there will be a cost due to the nature of where you are making your home.

Rites Cross Race: If you can convince someone of another Shifter Race to teach you one of their rituals, you can learn it and spend the XP for it. That does not mean it will work for you, or work as you expect it too.

There are some gifts that appear in different books at different levels: Hydraulic Strength, Walking Between Worlds, Gift of the Termite, Messenger's Fortitude and Fool's Luck. I have chosen rather than set it to multiple levels and get questions, if the gift is available to you, you can buy it at the cheaper cost and that is how it will appear in our system.
Shifter-Specific House Rules/Rites
Shifter-Specific House Rules/Frenzy
When it comes to renown, there has, for years been the wonder: if an act isn't witnessed and no one has been told, do you lose/gain renown??

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is provided on page 246 of the core werewolf book under special considerations. Please keep this in mind. I particularly like the notion that acts, even private ones, leave a mark on of honor or depending, dishonor on the individual, somehow changing how the shifter looks in the spirit world. This means, if you are being awesome in private, you need to let your Shifter Wizard know. It also means, if you are being naughty, even in private, you need to let your Shifter Wizard know. And yes, knocking boots with another Shifter (not just same race) may be considered a violation of the Litany, depending on the race that you are. So that does mean, one partner may get docked renown, where the other doesn't, depending on their own racial renown rules and storyteller interpretation.

Renown can only be earned by actions on grid. I do not think someone should, even slowly, gain rank just for signing in. Examples might be: loyal service to Tribe or, if a Sept is made, monthly Sept duties. These are passive actions and in my opinion aren't something to get awarded for on a MU - tabletop to hand out renown for sessions that take place a few weeks or a month apart, sure. On a MU it just doesn't work for me.

Third Ring of the Penumbra in Pink

Third Ring Penumbra

Everything in the map, that is pink, is part of the third ring penumbra. There, the Gauntlet rating is a 9. Travel through this portion of the penumbra is extremely slow - all travel time is doubled (for spirits too), and spending Rage for extra actions in this portion of the Penumbra costs an additional Rage per turn (regardless of the number of extra actions.
Garou Gifts that cost Rage cost 1 additional point of Rage. Gifts that cost Gnosis but not Rage cost 1 more point of Gnosis. Spirit Charms that cost Essence cost 1 additional point of Essence.
Weaver spirits are immune to all of these effects, and enjoy the benefit of all rolled actions by weaver spirits being at a -1 difficulty. This includes rolls to activate Charms.
Other Effects: Kinfolk of all Shifter races that spend much time in the area — animal and human alike — cannot pass their Shifter blood to their cubs. Their offspring are born as ordinary humans without exception. It is unknown what the effects are on Shifters themselves.

Summoning: The Third Ring Penumbra absolutly has an impact on summoning spirits. If you are inside the orange section, difficulties to summon are increased by 2 for All races, unless the spirit summoned is already inside the orange section of the map. The same is true for successes, if a spirit has to cross the Ring, you will need additional successes as determined by the storyteller. It is very possible to get successes, but have no spirit arrive as they can not make it through.

Looks Like in the Umbra: These suburbs of the twin cities appear to have been mystically sanitized, as if every spirit that lived there was driven away or obliterated. Only Weaver spirits appear in this area unless forced to be there through other means (ie, summonings, attached to PC somehow). Those forced to be there are not happy to be there, at all.

Lowering the Gauntlet: Lowering the rating of the Gauntlet in the Third Ring is improbable. Gifts, PATs, Spells, Fetishes, Merits and other assorted methods that lower the Gauntlet or the difficulty to enter it, do not work here as expected.


Items are only considered dedicated if they are jnoted. Putting something in your pocket does not allow you to treat the item as dedicated. You will not lose renown for dedicating weaver items. A common 3 items might be: 1 knife, 1 outfit and 1 phone.

Spirits inside the Cities

In spite of the Third Ring, inside the cities, the Umbra is teeming with the usual life you would expect. The spirits are generally angrier, more frustrated or more scared due to what surrounds them. Outside spirits are rare, but happen on occasion. Be mindful of what you summon, it may be stuck and blame you for it.