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Please fill out this questionnaire instead and use it for your background.


Explain why you chose this particular nature for your character.

How has your character usually fulfilled their nature’s requirement to regain willpower?

When and where were was your character born?

List the members of your character’s family that play a role in their life, where they are, their ages, and their occupations.

What is your character’s sexuality and how have they acted upon it?


What is your character’s mortal occupation, if any?

Where did your character get their mundane education?

Does your character have a criminal record and if so what is it?

When did your character move to the Twin Cities?

If your character has lived there for longer than six months, are they known to the supernatural community? How are they known?


How did your character become aware of sorcery or psychic abilities?

How was your character trained? Who was their mentor (if any)? Where did they learn?

What path or power did your character learn first? Which one is their favorite of the ones they have?

What is your character’s biggest obstacle in developing their paths or powers?

Has you character had to use their paths or powers in a crisis situation? If so, describe it. If not, why not?


What Demeanor does your character present and why did they choose it?

What is your character’s most important mundane goal?

What is your character’s most significant mundane problem?

What is your character’s most important supernatural goal?

What is your character’s most significant supernatural problem?