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The concept of allowing someone to be proxy for your PC due to time constraints will come up repeatedly on this game. These are the rules about it.

COMBAT WHEN YOUR SIDE STARTS IT: You cannot have a proxy in a scene which consists of your side taking hostile action towards another PC if you are not present when the scene begins. For example, there is a vicious and powerful Sabbat vampire that your side has decided must go. You are going to find it, kill it, or do something else to it. If you are not there when the scene begins, you cannot have a proxy, no matter what. If the action is against an NPC, you must have the supervising staffer's approval to have a proxy. The supervising staffer is under no compulsion to allow you to proxy.

COMBAT WHEN YOUR SIDE IS ATTACKED: Most of the time, unless you are present when the attack against your scene begins, you cannot have a proxy when a PC strikes your side. An exception occurs to this is when the attack is on an established holding that you would be ICly present at, such as your home, your chantry, etc. In this instance, when an attack begins, the supervising staffer will check the complete grounds of the facility and make a note of all PCs who are physically there. Your character bit must be in the grid space being attacked to qualify, or a judge note on the location must be present If you are in the OOC room, you are simply not present at the time of the attack. If you connect while the attack is happening, the supervising staffer will determine at what point you enter, if you enter, and what you have done to prepare. While you can make suggestions, the supervising staffer's decision is final.

MASSIVE ROTES AND RITUALS: This is a can of worms. Supervising staff will allow proxies in only specific situations, i.e. rotes and rituals that seem to be absolutely necessary for the good of the sphere as a whole. In order to participate, you must write a +mail directly to the supervising staffer. You also must understand that the supervising staff is free, while acting as your proxy, to spend whatever resources and willpower you have as /they/ see fit. You also must understand that you can suffer consequences of failed rituals.