Mage-Specific House Rules/Raising Arete

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First, you must understand that mage's seeking is not a sure thing. It is a test; a mage can fail. Also bear in mind that Seekings will be progressively more difficult based on the level of Arete being sought; it's harder to go to Arete 5 than to Arete 2. A player should also be prepared to RP the change in perspective that greater enlightenment brings.

Seekings are also very subjective and thus very difficult to run. Mage staff will expect the player to be cooperative regarding discussions leading up to a Seeking. We may discuss with the player the format and timing of a Seeking so that the event is as dramatic and strongly RP'd as possible. We also reserves the right to deny a Seeking if we do not feel there is sufficient justification and growth. The player can usually expect some sort of response on their character's Seeking request within a week of contacting Mage staff regarding it.

When it comes time for a mage to Seek, a player can help make the seeking much more effective and enjoyable. Staff may not have been able RP with all of the players enough to know the mage's deepest motivations, and there is a tendency for a storyteller to superimpose their views over others. By having a standard way to express a players views on the seeking, a player's views can /merge/ them with the staff's for a more effective and personal Seeking.

Simply answer these questions in a @mail, a series of @mails, or if it is really sizable, e-mail.

1.) What forms have your mage's avatar taken in the past?

2.) How do you see your mage's present path to personal Ascension?

3.) What do you see as your mage's greatest obstacles to their own Ascension?

4.) What have been the most important events that have occurred since the mage's last seeking? Seekings should be triggered by changes in paradigm or outward view.

5.) Give a /brief/ rundown of previous Seekings.

Submit this to the Mage Wizard.