Mage-Specific House Rules

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CORRESPONDENCE AND DATA: These describe describe the same range of True Magick phenomena, but they refer to different approaches to the same group. They are not interchangeable and mutually exclusive.

NEPHANDI: Regardless of what the books say, a Nephandi is defined as a mage whose Avatar has been placed at the command of another being. While mages who commit acts that are universally seen as vile (rape, murder, sadistic torture) are still rejected by most factions and actively hunted by both the Council of Nine and the Technocracy, they are not necessarily Nephandi. Any mage who enters a Caul created by another creature is considered to have given up their Avatar's autonomy, in whole or in part, and is thus guilty of being a Nephandi.

LORES: All mages who are not considered apprentices have mage lore 3. Apprentice mages have mage-lore 1.

PSYCHIC POWERS: Psychics can learn more psychic powers, but non-psychics (defined as those who start the game without a psychic power) cannot learn psychic powers after character creation. In order to be able to purchase psychic abilities, the character must either go through a traumatic event that the Mage staff has approved of beforehand (this will be very rare) or the character must be the target of fundamental and dangerous manipulation by other PCs.

SORCERY: Any individual with willpower can learn sorcery. However, individuals who wish to learn sorcery must have a PC or NPC to teach them. While it is possible to teach oneself sorcery, it is not going to be possible within the framework of the game.

TECHNOLOGY AND HYPERTECH: In the game, Technology is a knowledge though mage treats it as a sphere. You can buy it as a knowledge, but Hypertech can "stand-in" for Technology at +1 difficulty.

TRUE FAITH: True faith is only available as a belief in a single solitary entity that arranges the universe according to its will. To use game terms, faith in The One, whatever name it uses. If an entity does not have complete and utter control of the rules of the universe, you cannot have True Faith in it.