Lucia the Sommelier

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"Are you feeling white... or red?" - Lucia DiMaggio

Biographical Data
Name: Lucia diMaggio
Birthdate: March 25
Occupation: Food & Beverage Consultant
Nationality: Italian American
Nature: Wine Snob
Demeanor: Foodie

Quote: "Those do NOT pair together."
Tunes: Pretty much anything from the 80's
Lucia diMaggio is a Food and Beverage consultant in the Twin Cities area, specializing in high end wine pairings. She is well versed and experienced in restaurant operation, event production, and catering for banquets, parties, and political activities.
RP Hooks
  • Specializes in high-end Food and Beverage
  • Well connected to various society circles
  • Owns a cozy, well stocked wine shoppe
  • Available for consultation
  • IC Pal 1
  • IC Pal 2
  • IC Pal 3
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