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Abel Moreno

You know nothing. hell is only a word. The reality is much, much worse."
~ Event Horizon

Biographical Data

Name: Abel Moreno
Nationality: Brazilian
Demeanor: Predator
App Age: Early-twenties
Height/Build: 6"2" / Athletic
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Quote: Death is a gentleman too. He makes good losers of us all. I understand death. Men have always taken it too seriously. Life is more terrifying and more mysterious.
Themesong: Terrible Things - April Smith and the Great Picture Show- [1]
Played By: Marlon Texeria

Under... normal conditions, and on the surface, Abel is charming, eloquent and sophisticated, and fully aware of the fact, Abel carries himself with an air of supreme confidence, charisma and is strategic, reserved, seemingly well-respected and infinitely calm. He seems immune to adversity and attempts to ruffle his feathers. He shows what seems to be compassion and concern for the wel being of others, and has a vast interest in the emotional states of everyone around him. Though there is something a bit off about his demeanor, as if the rules and workings of human emotions don't apply to him, and he's perhaps alien in some way.

Seeing a spider isn't the biggest problem. It's when it disappears.
~ Abel Moreno'
  • Therapy - Abel is a licensed therapist stationed at the formerly abandoned Sheboygan County Asylum in Wisconson. He is licensed to practice in both Wisconson and Minnesota.
  • Terrible Things - Abel has secrets. They're quite terrifying.
  • Toxiology Abel knows about poisons of almost any kinds. Plant, animal and synthetic alike.

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