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1. Have a plan: Your character should have a goal. Just being a particular clan or having a particular discipline or having knowledge doesn’t necessary ensure you will be included. Have a plan that requires other Kindred or just your clan mates. Have something to do when staff is doing things with other people.

2. If you don’t have a plan, have a reason to talk to other Kindred. There is no requirement that you have to play a Kindred of great ambition, or violent outbursts, but you have to have a reason to talk to other Kindred. The Elysium is a place of safety and conversation, and sometimes you will be savaged verbally. But be willing to speak to others and you will be included with the flow of the story.

3. Killing other vampires is the last resort. Destroying another Kindred is the last resort, not only because it is difficult and dangerous, but also because if you get the reputation, the other Kindred will decide you may choose them next. Either make it your option or be really sneaky about doing it.

4. Choose your grudges carefully. Kindred can be cruel verbally and physically. However, Kindred exist a long time and today’s enemy is tomorrow’s ally. If you must declare, even privately, that you will not rest until that person is destroyed, make sure it is someone who really deserves it. Kindred who cannot move on from minor offenses will get a poor reputation.

5. Keep track of places, names, and events: Kindred politics and existence can be described as Byzantine. Those who fail to keep track of facts are doomed to fall for conspiracies and cons. Staff will not keep track for you, since it may be another PC plotting against you. A simple Word document with notes or something more elaborate will not only prevent you from being caught out, but also will get you in the mood of the jihad.